Baby Root Canals

Queen Creek, Arizona

Hearing your little one needs a baby root canal or nerve treatment can be frightening for parents. The good news is that the straightforward procedure causes minimal discomfort, comparable to having a cavity filled. If your child requires a baby root canal, the team at Birch Tree Pediatric Dentistry will do everything possible to help your little one feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

Why Save a Baby Tooth?

Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, keeping them healthy reflects on a child's future oral health. These tiny chompers act like placeholders for the developing permanent teeth, encouraging them to erupt into the correct position.

Baby teeth help kids chew and eat without pain, ensuring they get the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. They also help with speech development and the proper growth of the jaw. If a baby tooth is lost prematurely due to infection or trauma, the neighboring teeth may shift toward the gap, leading to crooked teeth, a crowded mouth, and problems with the bite. Preserving a child's baby teeth until they are ready to fall out helps promote long-term healthy smiles.

What Is a Baby Root Canal?

Inside every tooth is a space that contains the soft pulp tissues and nerves. Deep decay, trauma, or a chipped or cracked tooth can lead to an infection in that space that can cause immense pain and complications. The only way to save a tooth with an infected pulp is with the help of a baby root canal, also known as a pulpotomy and pulpectomy.

The procedure is similar to adult root canals, which involve removing the diseased pulp tissues to save the tooth and alleviate your child’s discomfort. After treatment, a pediatric dental crown will protect the affected tooth, restoring its strength and function.

What Happens During Treatment?

Before your child’s baby root canal, we will numb the area to ensure a pain-free experience. We are also happy to offer nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to help your little one relax during the procedure.

Depending on the extent of damage, your child may need a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy.

Pulpotomy: A pulpotomy is required if the infection affects the tooth's nerve but has not reached the root. Think of it as a mini root canal. It involves removing the diseased pulp tissue, leaving the healthy portion intact, and then using a special material to seal off the area to prevent reinfection. A pulpotomy can effectively save the affected tooth.

Pulpectomy: If the infection affects the entire tooth pulp, including the root, your child may require a pulpectomy, similar to an adult root canal treatment. The procedure involves removing the infected tissues from the root canals, cleaning the area, and placing an inert material that's naturally absorbed when the baby tooth falls out.

Baby Root Canals Near Me in Queen Creek, AZ

We understand that the thought of a baby root canal may be intimidating. Our team at Birch Tree Pediatric Dentistry is committed to providing comfortable, gentle care. We strive to offer a happy, child-friendly environment and tailor our techniques to the unique needs of our young patients. It's not just about restoring an infected tooth; it's about ensuring your child feels safe and comfortable while receiving the best possible care.

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